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Male Facial

Prioritized with men in mind! So many “macho” men have steered away from medical aesthetics and men’s facial treatments due to the prehistoric feminine image. In 2021, men can give up the macho façade and treat their skin the way it deserves! With a sequence of exfoliation designed to initially eliminate the outer layer of dead skin and debris followed by focused extractions to focus on any problem areas and achieve a more even complexion will get rid of the built of dirt, debris, and “gunk” that has built up over the years that basic soaps and cleansers just can’t tackle. After a thorough breakdown of build-up, a deep cleanse, and deep moisturization with high-quality serums and a gentle touch will turn this facial into a spa treatment.
With serums and cleansers tailed to your specific needs, the male facial can tackle any skin issue or sensitivity. You’ll leave the spa, relaxed, and refreshed with a cleared complexion sure to bring you back next time!

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