What is a Beauty Bus Party?

Gather 5-15 friends and we will come and perform Botox injections while you provide the snacks and drinks!

Hosts receive a special discount on their treatment based on how many guests receive treatment.

The Beauty Bus is available to come to your home or business for a Botox Party.

Host A Bus Party

How to Host a Beauty Bus Botox Party

This is a fun, relaxed way for you and your friends to get Botox from a trained MD!

  • Step 1: Call all your friends!
    You will need a minimum of 5 people (in addition to you) that agree to treatment in order to book a party. Max is 11. Botox Party Prices – $13/unit.
  • Step 2: Pick your spot!
    Pick a place that is comfortable, clean, and free of animals and children during the party. You may use your home or business office.
  • Step 3: Set the time!
    Plan on 1 ½ – 2 hours depending on how many people you have. It is recommended that patients stay upright for 4 hours after treatment so consider this when scheduling late evening events.
  • Step 4: Bring on the extras!
    Light snacks and beverages are always a great idea for any party. Alcohol is not encouraged but is acceptable after consents have been signed.
  • Step 5: Don’t sweat the details!
    The Beauty Bus will provide you an informational email with attachments to send out to each of your guests prior to the party. It’s not required that they bring the forms back with them as forms are provided at the party. Sending the forms ahead of time will give guests some general information.
  • Step 6: Reap the benefits of hosting a party!
    Host rewards:
    – 5 guests with a minimum of 30 units – ½ price off of your treatment (up to 50 units)
    – 10 guests with a minimum of 30 units – up to 50 units of free Botox for the host
  • Step 7: HAVE FUN!
    This is a great time spent with friends getting younger-looking together! What’s better than that?



Fill out the form below. Select a preferred date. Indicate the number of participants. We will get back to you to confirm availability.