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Face Tite

Gravity, laugh lines, years of facial expression, and loss of collagen all lead to loose, sagging skin. While some may recommend a facelift, many clients can’t and don’t want to spend the time or money to heal from such a major procedure. At Abilene Beauty Bus, we have the perfect solution! Our lifting and contouring FaceTite treatment is the lift and anti-aging results without the discomfort or downtime of a traditional facelift. FaceTite targets sagging skin, wrinkles, and is optimal for the lower portion of the face.
FaceTite is minimally invasive with a few small incisions required. Once the incisions are made, a combination of radiofrequency waves and liposuction are combined for efficient contouring and slimming technique. Though this is much less intense than a traditional facelift, some bruising and discomfort are to be expected. No overnight stays are required, and most clients are back to work in 2-3 days!

Working in small areas with the use of radiofrequency technology, FaceTite allows our highly trained physician to work in the sub-dermal plane (just below the skin) to provide facial contouring and skin tightening/lifting resulting in profound anti-aging results. FaceTite works wonders on all skin colors and types to reveal immediate improvements to optimal results within 3 months! This treatment works so effectively one treatment should provide you with the skin tightening and contouring effect you desire for upwards of five years, making this treatment much more manageable and favorable for many clients!

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