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Microcurrent – Your New Best Friend

Do You Want a Natural Way to Achieve Lifted and Younger Looking Skin? Look no further! Microcurrent is about to be your new best friend. The MyoLift 600 device is a FDA-approved professional only muscle stimulator. It uses low-level electrical current to mirror your body’s own natural current. It is a noninvasive treatment that can [...]

How Do I Get Rid of Summer Skin Damage?

How do I get rid of all this summer damage on my skin?   We all spent a lot of time taking quarantine walks, sitting by the pool, and spending time outside the last few months. Despite our best efforts with sunscreen and hats, our faces still suffered sun exposure. Are you noticing a dullness [...]

Smoother, Clearer Skin with Skin Pen

How do I get smoother and clearer skin, smaller pores, and better pigment control?   The answer? SKIN PEN!! SkinPen is FDA approved microneedling with indications for acne scarring and the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment has personally been my favorite addition to our line up. After a series of three treatments [...]

LIPS 101

“I really want my lips done, but I don’t want them to look weird or fake or like a duck!” Guess what?  I don’t want you to look like that either! Lip injections can be a scary thing- I know- I have done it!  Picking the right injector is 99% of the equation.  The other [...]


Please help me not wet my pants! And other vaginal rejuvenation questions… Votiva So this is a topic and a procedure most women are a bit hesitant to ask about so I’ll just tell you-  It’s amazing!!  Having done this myself, I can tell you first hand what a difference it makes.  The three most [...]


What is Botox? Botox is actually a brand name of neuromodulator. The 4 neuromodulators currently on the market in the US are Botox, Jeuveau (Newtox), Dysport, and Xeomin. All of these come from the same base molecule, Botulinum Toxin-a. The basic science behind all of these products is that when they are injected into a [...]