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LIPS 101

“I really want my lips done, but I don’t want them to look weird or fake or like a duck!” Guess what?  I don’t want you to look like that either! Lip injections can be a scary thing- I know- I have done it!  Picking the right injector is 99% of the equation.  The other [...]


Please help me not wet my pants! And other vaginal rejuvenation questions… Votiva So this is a topic and a procedure most women are a bit hesitant to ask about so I’ll just tell you-  It’s amazing!!  Having done this myself, I can tell you first hand what a difference it makes.  The three most [...]


What is Botox? Botox is actually a brand name of neuromodulator. The 4 neuromodulators currently on the market in the US are Botox, Jeuveau (Newtox), Dysport, and Xeomin. All of these come from the same base molecule, Botulinum Toxin-a. The basic science behind all of these products is that when they are injected into a [...]