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Lift and Tint

Want to refine and enhance your look without the pain and expense of a traditional medical aesthetics procedure? With treatment as simple as a lash lift and tint, you will leave the Abilene Beauty Bus with an eyecatching glow sure to please. Making your eyes look brighter, more engaged, and younger- our lash lift and tint is the subtle anti-aging treatment you didn’t know you wanted!

A lash lift and tint involve two processes. The lash lift, essentially a “perm” for the eyelashes mimicking the action of an eyelash curler, but without the hassle. Bending and expanding your lashes up and out, they’ll appear fuller and more voluminous.

The lash tint, similar to that of a brow tint, enhances and emboldens the depth of your eyelashes making your eyes pop and draw in those looking at you as if you had applied quality mascara. With a tint similar to your natural hue, the tint adds depth and makes the lashes appear darker, thicker, and fuller.

Lash lift/tint provides a fuller, more voluminous lash line, and brighter gaze for 6-8 weeks. Following your treatment, it is important to avoid water, steam, eye makeup, and make-up remover for the first 24 hours to allow the “perm” to set. Increased exposure to humidity can decrease the effect of the lash lift, the same as it would for a perm to your hair. After the initial 24 hours, treat your lashes as normal- though you can maintain the lift/tint by using light conditioning, such as coconut oil to keep your lashes healthy.

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