Microblading for Eyebrows | Abilene, TX - Abilene Beauty Bus


Daily filling of thinning eyebrows can be tedious and repetitive. The new wave trend of Microblading has your solution. This semi-permanent form of brow tattooing can take the time you took days to fill in your eyebrows, toward something much more useful! This minimally invasive, no downtime technique enhances, emboldens, and fills your eyebrows to your desired shape and thickness.

Microblading uses a small, fine point needle to make small channels in the skin for the pigment to sink into. By using such fine needles, the pigment blends and appears fine like real hair.

Though considered a “tattoo”, microblading is only semi-permanent meaning it will fade over time, and touch-ups are required to maintain their optimal aesthetics.

The skilled hands at Abilene Beauty Bus will hand-select the proper pigment for you to ensure the most natural results. On average, touch-ups and maintenance need to be done between 1-3 years after the initial treatment is performed. Oilier skin may fade quicker than those with dryer skin. It is important to avoid saturating your new brows or getting them sweaty for the first week to ensure optimal pigment setting as well as proper skin healing to avoid infection. Vaseline and antibacterial ointment should be used for the first 24 hours to keep the skin protected and slight redness/puffiness immediately following this procedure is normal and typically resolves within 24 hours.