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Lamination is no longer a word reserved for preserving your elementary school teacher’s paperwork. Brow Lamination takes unruly or thinning eyebrows and smooths, and lifts the hair creating a contoured, refined, smooth brow line as if you had brow gel in them. Laminating is the perfect alternative for those fearful to commit fully to the microblading technique.

Whether your brows are gapped in a way you don’t like, too thin, overplucked, unruly, etc- Brow Lamination can refine them to your picture-perfect request and maintain them there. In less than an hour, this technique can give the illusion of hair growth, and thick luscious eyebrows. This technique is non-invasive, temporary, but impactful for those wanting to harness the power of a strong, picture-perfect eyebrow arch.

The optimal solution to recreate a client’s brows without invasive and painful techniques. Brow lamination can be suited to your exact specifications- whether you want a higher arch, longer tail, fuller brow, etc lamination can provide with all your needs.

Essentially a “perm” for your eyebrows, Brow Lamination sets your eyebrows for a uniform shape for an extended period of time. Starting with a lifting cream, the lotion breaks down the bond of each hair allowing them to be manipulated into your preferred shape. Followed by a neutralizer to reform the hair’s bond in their new position- this technique can maintain your eyebrows in their brushed and groomed posture for six to eight weeks!

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