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Please help me not wet my pants! And other vaginal rejuvenation questions…


So this is a topic and a procedure most women are a bit hesitant to ask about so I’ll just tell you-  It’s amazing!!  Having done this myself, I can tell you first hand what a difference it makes.  The three most significant areas of improvement are urinary incontinence- leaking urine with coughing, sneezing, laughing; vaginal dryness during intercourse; and vaginal laxity that is usually caused by childbirth or loss of hormones.  You don’t even have to pick just one- most people get resolution of all three- Bonus!!

Abilene Beauty Bus Votiva resultsThe procedure itself only takes 20 minutes.  The device looks like a vaginal ultrasound probe- It’s inserted into the vagina and the tissue is heated with radiofrequency.  Treatment of the tissue repairs the collagen and strengthens the muscles that support the pelvic floor.  Think 10,000 Kegel exercises that you never remember to do!  It’s not hot or painful.  I tell patients it’s a bit like having sex for 20 minutes without any of the enjoyment. It’s not painful and the only downtime is nothing in the vagina- sex, tampons, etc. for 2 days after treatment.

The treatment is a series of 3 appointments one month apart.  Typically, tightness is the first thing you will notice, followed by better urinary control and finally the dryness begins to show improvement as the tissue improves.  The results continue for up to 6 months after the last treatment.  Patients can opt to have a touch-up yearly after the series is completed.

Votiva is great for all ages!  It can even be used as soon as 6 weeks postpartum to help manage urinary symptoms and vaginal laxity after childbirth. This is one of those procedures that offers benefit to both parties in the bedroom.  Your husband will be happy and so will you! Get your body back ladies! Let’s get control of all of your female wellness.  I have had happy patients in almost every decade!  Grandmas able to jump on trampolines again, mothers doing jumping jacks, post partum moms able to enjoy sex again.