Anti-Chafe Liquid Powder 2 oz


Say goodbye to chafing, blistering, and discomfort!

Feel the glide when you move your body with this liquid powder that absorbs excess moisture and reduces friction with a matte, silky finish. Arrowroot powder and squalane create a water resistant barrier for thighs, bikini lines, breasts, and other skin folds where you experience sweating and chafing. Use the Anti-Chafe Liquid Powder before skin-on-skin contact and during active moments, from walking to sports, or enjoying intimacy.

2.0 fl. oz | 60 mL

Safe for the vulva, beneficial for the whole body.

Product Highlights

  • Patent-pending, one-of-a-kind formulation
  • Clinically proven to reduce excess moisture
  • Effective in both humid and dry conditions
  • Made with 97% naturally derived ingredients
  • Ina-V botanical blend fortifies the skin barrier against collagen loss

Smells like: Fragrance-Free
Feels like: Smooth lotion, transforms into silky powder