How do I get rid of all this summer damage on my skin?


We all spent a lot of time taking quarantine walks, sitting by the pool, and spending time outside the last few months. Summer skin damage

Despite our best efforts with sunscreen and hats, our faces still suffered sun exposure. Are you noticing a dullness to your skin? Maybe some brown spots or an increase in freckles? This is all a result of sun damage.

There’s hope. There’s help with Lumecca.

Lumecca (aka IPL or photofacial) is the most powerful Intense Pulsed Light that treats pigment and vascular lesions. A single treatment makes a great improvement in age spots, facial vascular lesions, rosacea, freckles, and sun damage.

This treatment not only clears the skin, but also gives a glow afterwards that patients enjoy. The light treatment increases collagen production that helps strengthen skin.

The Lumecca Procedure

Beautiful clear skin with LumeccaThe procedure is well tolerated and has minimal downtime allowing makeup to be replaced directly after treatment. Results are typically seen 7-10 days following the treatment.

Other areas that can be treated include the neck, chest, hands and arms.

Lumecca is best done during the fall and winter when daily sun exposure is lessened. Please no self-tanner or unprotected sun or tanning bed exposure for 2 weeks prior to treatment.