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What is a MyoLift for a facial? The FDA-approved MyoLift 600 is a microcurrent muscle stimulator device. The machine delivers intensity ranging from 175 to 600 microamps and is the standard for ATP stimulation.

The machine is non-invasive and provides long-lasting facial lifting and toning. This machine provides your face with its own “mini-workout” using low-level electrical currents to mimic your body’s natural current used to contract your muscles.

This non-invasive procedure can provide a natural lifting and toning result to your face and cheeks. This “gymless workout” will leave your skin with an anti-aging effect diminishing fine lines and wrinkles while simultaneously boosting the natural products your body needs to maintain a younger-looking complexion. This boost will leave your body making more collagen, ATP, faster cell turnover, and more elasticity.

This microcurrent machine is the perfect answer to aging issues. The MyoLift machine uses electricity to promote cell growth and can be used in a wide range of aesthetic applications. Essentially, MyoLift exercises the muscles in your face, which stimulates muscles, triggers new collagen development, and induces cell growth.


True Microcurrent™ is delivered to the face with a pinch and hold technique. This pinch and hold technique provides re-education to the muscles. The current targets the origin and insertion points of the muscles, but don’t worry; True Microcurrent™ is not really felt. Your muscles should not sting, hurt, or twitch, and the treatment is not painful. The electric current is so tiny that it builds ATP or the skin cells’ energy. This electric current brings visible and cumulative results. Most treatments are offered to clients in a series of four treatments.


The MyoLift 600 has four pre-calibrated programs to stimulate ATP and re-educate your muscles to treat aging skin.


Ask the providers at Abilene Beauty Bus if the procedure is right for you!

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